The Ensemble brings to their performances a priestly, or shamanic, and healing quality, which was once important, but is overlooked today. In addition, they return to the sound its multi-layered depth, its extraordinary harmonising and healing power and effectiveness. In this way, after decades of staging concerts, now in the Ensemble’s most mature period of creativity, the musicians embrace their responsible roles as artists, spiritual teachers and therapists simultaneously, just like countless generations of initiated musicians before them. They flirt with the past and, at the same time, inspire modern audiences with revived old-new musical languages, sound formulae and unusual, yet interesting performing practices passed down through the centuries. They return to music its harmonising power and holiness.

Special attention is devoted to the restoration, for the concert stage, of ancient forgotten instruments, foreign musical languages, thousands of years old sacred songs, pearls and sound codes from the Slavic and ancient Slovene musical heritages and other cultures. Concerts by the Vedun Ensemble are an extraordinary experience. They are a dance of unusual sounds, rhythms and harmonies, a mirror of the moment, which connects the knowings and consciousness of our ancestors with our contemporary quests, with today’s music and mindset. The essence of these quests, both old and new at the same time, has remained quite similar throughout the ages: the harmony of all-connectedness, the euphony of centeredness.

The Vedun music performances are a quest for oneness, completeness, harmony, euphony and deep internalization, a feast of diversity and similarity in the historical memory of the cultures and musical practices of the past. The fullness of the meta-sensory dimension in their sound expression elevates the performers as well as the audience and deeply surpasses ordinary musical attempts. Concerts, sound therapies and CDs by the Vedun Ensemble are artistic-therapeutic creations with a harmonising meditative channelled/spontaneous sound. They are a sound yarn of unrepeatable sounds, awakening people spiritually and expanding the consciousness of the modern audience, filling human souls with timelessness and the grace of eternity.


dr. Mira Omerzel - Mirit

Tine Omerzel Terlep

Igor Meglič

Robert Pečenko

External members

Mojka Žagar

Matjaž Doljak




  • Imel sem čast videti Vedun nastopati v živo in sem bil popolnoma očaran nad njihovimi glasbenimi sposobnostmi in prisotnostjo na odru. Harmoni so bile brezhibne in vsak član skupine je prinesel svojo edinstveno energijo na nastop.

  • Način, kako združujejo tradicionalne in sodobne zvoke, je zgolj osupljiv. Njihovi koncerti so vedno vrhunec sezone in nikoli ne zamudim priložnosti, da jih vidim nastopiti.

  • Kot ljubitelj glasbe sem videl številne ansamble v zadnjih letih, vendar Vedun izstopa kot ena izmed najboljših. Njihova strast do glasbe sije skozi vsak nastop in imajo način povezovanja z občinstvom, ki je res poseben.