Mira Omerzel – Mirit, as well as both ensembles, have received numerous Slovene and international scholarly, artistic and pedagogical awards for their work. Among the most important are: the 2008 Julij Betetto Prize awarded by the Slovene Society of Music Artists to the Trutamora Slovenica Ensemble for their artistic achievements in the field of the re-creation of music art and for their contribution to the  promotion of music culture, the 2004 Štrekelj Prize awarded by the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts to Dr Mira Omerzel – Mirit for her outstanding achievements in collecting and preserving the Slovene musical heritage in song and word, the lifetime achievement award from the Slovene Institute for Adult Education (in 2000). They won two gold awards at the Raduga Moscow International Festival of Ethnological Film: in 1989 for a programme from the Slovene TV series “Sound Image of the Slovene Regions”, the subject of which was the Slovene musical identity (Gorenjsko region), titled “Komur se dremlje, naj gre spat” (“The One Who is Sleepy Shall Go to Bed”), with a script by Mira Omerzel Terlep, directed by Marjan Frankovič and performed by the Trutamora Slovenica Ensemble; in 1985, for the professional concept of the music documentary programme about the last “Beltinška banda” (band of musicians) of the Prekmurje region, from the ethnomusicological TV series “Slovene Folk Music Instruments and Musicians”. They also received, in 1986, the gold “Orfej” award conferred by Yugoslav Radio and Television for their first two LPs entitled “Slovene Folk Songs and Musical Instruments”; in 1982 the Musical Youth of Slovenia Award for their pedagogical work with Slovene school children and two “Golden Bird” awards in 1979 for their research, pedagogical work and revival of artistic material from the archives.