Tine Omerzel Terlep
(b. 1981), B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, Mira Omerzel's son, joined the concert activities for the youngest population of the ensemble Trutamora Slovenica even in his pre-school period as a singer of children's folk songs and a "musician" on children's instruments and sound-producing implements, since both his parents are musicians. He is a singer, wind instruments player and percussionist. Tine set out for his spiritual path at the age of ten and has been developing and spreading his consciousness ever since at the workshops and initiations of the school Veduna. After the pause during his adolescence years he re-joined the ensembleTrutamora Slovenica in 1996, this time as a trumpet player and singer. By combining ad originem ancient and medieval instruments with modern ones as well, the ensemble tries to present a wide palette of folk creativity. Tine is the youngest member of the ensemble Vedun whose media instrumental-vocal performance he enriches mainly by playing diverse folk instruments (percussion instruments above all) and by his exceptional shaman throat (aliquot) singing.

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