28 October 2016
Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 7:30 p.m. Concert at Cekin Mansion in Ljubljana

Vedun is an ensemble for ancient and overlooked musical heritage of the world, an ensemble for ancient meditative music and the revival of spiritual healing sounds of the world’s cultures. Through their restoration of music, the Vedun Ensemble was the first in Slovenia, Europe and globally, to revive the qualities of spontaneous creativity of musician-mediums, to revive musical performance in semi-trance. The Ensemble brings to their musical performance a priestly, or shamanic, and healing quality, which was once important, but is overlooked today. In addition, they return to the sound its multi-layered depth, its extraordinary harmonising and healing power and effectiveness. In this way, after decades of staging concerts, now in the Ensemble’s most mature period of creativity, the musicians embrace the responsibility of their roles as artists, spiritual teachers and therapists simultaneously, just like countless generations of initiated musicians before them. They flirt with the past and inspire modern audiences with revived old-new musical languages, sound formulae and unusual, yet interesting performing practices, which have been handed down for hundreds of years. They return to music its harmonising power and sacredness.

The Vedun musicians devote special attention to the restoration, for the concert stage, of ancient forgotten instruments, foreign musical languages, thousands of years old sacred songs, as well as pearls and sound codes from the Slavic and ancient Slovene musical heritages and from other cultures. Concerts by the Vedun Ensemble are an extraordinary experience. They are a dance of unusual sounds, rhythms and harmonies, a mirror of the moment, which connects the knowings and awareness of our ancestors with our contemporary quests, with today's music and mindset. The essence of these quests, both old and new at the same time, has remained quite similar throughout the ages: the harmony of all-connectedness, the euphony of centredness.

The Vedun music performance is a quest for oneness, completeness, harmony, euphony and deep internalisation, a feast of diversity and similarity in the historical memory of the cultures and musical practices of the past. The fullness of the meta-sensory dimension in their sound expression elevates the performers as well as the audience and deeply surpasses ordinary musical attempts. Concerts, sound therapies and CDs by the Vedun Ensemble are artistic-therapeutic creations with a harmonising channelled/spontaneous sound. They are a sound yarn of unrepeatable sounds, which awaken people spiritually, expand the consciousness of the modern audience and fill people’s souls with timelessness and the grace of eternity.

28 October 2009
Monday, 21 December 2009, 7 p.m. the Solstice Concert at Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana

Concert of ritual and holy songs of diverse spiritual traditions with the media channelled healing sound. “THE SOUND YARN WITH INSTRUMENTS OF THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD AT THE WINTER SOLSTICE”.
On the occasions of solstices and equinoxes the cosmic energies, which are actually the inaudible sound, literally merge with those who are using sound in that time, as the tool for harmonization, healing and spiritual growth. Therefore we prepared a cycle of concert intended for public, which will be performed on these, extra important cosmic-terrestrial moments: this will be at the time of spring and autumn equinoxes and at the summer and winter solstices. Each concert is an unrepeatable event since in the time of music performance we let flow through our bodies those tunes and songs which “wish” to be sounded and sent into the word in that very moment.

8 October 2009
Wednesday 27 January 2010 concert in Nova Gorica

The popular cycle Art sredica (in the little hall of the cultural centre 'Kulturni dom' in Nova Gorica) will delight the public of Nova Gorica also in the coming season with new attractive evenings, coloured with different kinds of art, such as music, contemporary dance, poetry and visual arts. Within the scope of this cycle, the guest on 27 January 2010, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, will be the ensemble Vedun with the concert »Sound Yarn of the Earth's Holy Songs and Sounds with Instruments of the Peoples of the World «.

8 October 2009
Friday, 9 October 2009 at 8 p.m., Gala concert at the 'Galerija Equrna' in Ljubljana

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ensemble its members have prepared a concert in which the performing capacities of the two ensembles, Trutamora Slovenica and Vedun, will be merged. In a meditative way and in the transcendental state of consciousness they will perform folk songs and tunes – mostly the ritual and holy songs of diverse spiritual traditions – and enrich them with unrepeatable media-channelled healing sound which will spontaneously “run through” them… More on it – in the invitation.

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