Mojka Žagar (b. 1960), a graduated teacher of mathematics and trained musician, joined the Omerzel & Terlep duo in their reinvigoration of the archival recordings of folk songs and tunes in the tenth year of their concert activities. As a teacher of natural singing and voice cultivation, she focuses her attention on awakening, developing and encouraging the unique natural vocal qualities of her students. She is the first teacher of the kind in Slovenia to foster the cultivation of natural voice and self-organization with voice. She has contributed to the ensemble Trutamora Slovenica by reviving folk songs and various styles of folk singing already for two decades, through which the ensemble has presented the old and already forgotten singing techniques; besides, she also plays various folk instruments. In the ensemble Vedun she co-creates, along with Mira and Tine, the channelled guided sound both with her voice and the forgotten diverse vocal techniques as well as with numerous instruments, and assists in the sound surgery. For more than 20 years Žagar has worked on developing and increasing her vocal capacities also by means of spiritual development techniques, mainly at the courses and initiations of the school Veduna.

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