Mira Omerzel – Mirit,
B.A. in ethnology and Ph.D. in ethnomusicology, is the founder (in 2002) of
Veduna Chair (Cosmic University of Spiritual Wisdom) for Consciousness Development, Spiritual Self-healing and Self-realization. Furthermore, she is the founder, head and heart of the ensemble Vedun (since 1999), the musical ensemble for stimulating transcendental sound experience, which produces sounds with instruments of diverse peoples of the world, that served once or still serve as the facilitators in the process of spiritual healing and consciousness development. In addition to her ethnomusicological research into Slovene, European and global musical instruments and sound-producing implements, Mirit also began to unveil the innermost essence of sound. She has published numerous ethnological, ethnomusicological, ethno-archaeological-musicological treatises, articles and books, delivered numerous lectures, and has created several TV and radio broadcasts and series, published LPs, CDs and other audio materials (together with the ensembles Trutamora Slovenica and Vedun) for rising the spiritual awareness and self-healing with sound, for which she was awarded a number of prizes.

Mirit is a cosmic telepathist and has lived on prana or the cosmic energy since 2000. Discovering, developing and teaching transcendental techniques of audible and inaudible sound/vibrations (the so-called Veduna cosmic resonance which she derived from the traditional reiki spiritual development - shiki
ryoho or Buddhist men-ho and transcendental yoga techniques and from the self-experience of levitation yoga, and other spiritual wisdom of the world), featuring a “guided gesture” and “guided sound” (beyond the common mind) she functions as a pioneer in this field. Her extensive trilogy on sound and on spiritual wisdom of diverse peoples of the world, the book entitled “Kozmična telepatija – onkraj misli in slišnega zvoka” (Cosmic Telepathy – Beyond Thoughts and Audible Sound) is ready for print. Mirit is a medium for spiritual healing and consciousness development in contact with the Original Vital Intelligence/Energy and vibrations of the Master Teachers of the Universe, through which the healing frequencies/energies are bestowed (Grace from the Cosmos), or the so-called Cosmic Initiations, to support the spiritual transformation, self-healing and unveiling of the dormant talents; she transmits to course attendants the knowledge about and cognizance of sound, diverse techniques for self-development and self-healing with sound (also within the framework of workshops Transcendence of Consciousness and Sound) or in the workshops on diverse life themes that chafe us in our daily routine. During the weekly meetings entitled “The Magic of Sound” she helps, jointly with her associates, the people to overcome their daily problems also with the sound surgery which is a modern variety of Brazilian or Philippine Cosmic (or psychical) surgery.

Mirit has further intertwined her ethnological and ethnomusicological research with the
revival of the most diverse types of world spiritual wisdom. This resurgence also gave rise to cyclic workshops (the so-called “intensives”) entitled “Living Heaven or Cosmos on the Earth”, the nine-dimensional “Shaman Travel into the Centre of the Galaxy, the Earth and Oneself” and “Big Mysteries of Sound Surgery” based on discovery and revival of the forsaken spiritual wisdom of our forefathers, which provides insights, guidelines, tools, help and answers to the questions of how, why, what for … in this exceptional time of awakening, and unveils to contemporary individuals the essence of the meaning of human life and quest (who we are). She is a teacher to many spiritual teachers and healers both in Slovenia and abroad, or to those whose activities further help spreading the consciousness of people. In addition to discovering folk instruments and vocal techniques of folk singing of the past centuries she focuses her attention (being a multi-instrumentalist who has also perfected her vocal technique) also on the investigation and collection of instruments of the ancient times and the Middle Ages, instruments of diverse peoples of the world and particularly folk instruments for healing and harmonization used by shamans and sages. Mirit’s collection holds more than 200 instruments from all the continents which are presented by the performers of the ensemble Vedun on concert stages. Into her doctoral dissertation “on pre-classical” folk instruments on the Slovene ethnic territory from the Paleolithic until the present she incorporated more than the quarter-of-a-century long ethnomusicological fieldwork and archival researches about folk instruments of the world, which she upgraded with the investigation into the effect of sound on living beings.

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