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TV broadcast of the concert marking the 40th anniversary of the Vedun Ensemble
We have the pleasure to inform you that the festive concert marking the 40th anniversary of the Vedun Ensemble will be aired on TV SLO1 on three consecutive Mondays (beginning May 6th at 11:30pm). The concert will be broadcast in three parts. Part I: The Celts and Slavs; part II: Prehistory and the Ancient Slovenes; part III: Cultures Connected with the Slavs and the Therapeutic Music of our Ancestors. They are due to be aired on May 6th, 13th and 20th, always at the same time, 11:30pm.
We invite you to watch and listen to all three parts.
Regards, Vedun Ensemble

Vedun is an ensemble for ancient and overlooked musical heritage of the world, an ensemble for ancient meditative music and the revival of the spiritual healing sounds of the cultures of the world.

In their restoration of music, the Vedun Ensemble was
the first in Slovenia, Europe and globally, to revive the qualities of the spontaneous creativity of musician-mediums, the performance of music in a semi-trance. The Ensemble bring to their musical performances a priestly, or shamanic, and healing element, which was once important, but is overlooked today. In addition, they return to the sound its multilayered depth, its extraordinary harmonising and healing power and effectiveness.