The Four Seasons - 1/
The Great Auditory Logos of the Universe
Summer solstice


CD, published by the performer;
duration: 64'54"


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An excellent CD was released, with the transmission of sound through media recorded on a golden CD (with an information booklet), which transforms the consciousness and fills with energy all bodies and therefore initiates the self-healing processes! This sound rite was offered and recorded live at the summer solstice, on 21st June 2007, in the church of St. Anne at Tunjice near Kamnik, Slovenia. Recorded is the sound-initiation rite with instruments of diverse peoples of the world intended for self-healing and attuning with the Cosmic Intelligence.

ATTENTION: Original energies of transmission of the sound are preserved on the CD. By copying the CD they will be lost.

Detailed information:

This unusual CD carries the sound, created at the summer solstice on 21st June 2007 by the ensemble Vedun. The sound for self-healing, consciousness development and attuning with the so-called Cosmic Intelligence for which every soul strives and towards which all our life strivings are directed. The times around the spring and autumn equinoxes (21st March and 23rd September) and around the summer and winter solstices (21st June and 22nd December) are the most important moments in all spiritual traditions of the world, when cosmic bridges or portals to the spiral spread of human consciousness open into the limitless spiritual possibilities and capacities and into the unified universal bio-field. As to the energies, this time is imbued with exceptional vibrations of the omnipresent Cosmic Intelligence. With the masterful recording technology we have preserved the presence, efficiency and healing power of the channelled sounds on the CD, in order to be able to share them with you when you listen to this CD. By listening to the sound from this CD, as well as from the remaining CDs of the cycle “The Four Seasons”, your consciousness, your thoughts, emotions and physical body are transformed, tranquillized, organized and healed.

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