The Four Seasons - 3 /
Crystal Meditative Sounds
Winterr Solstice


CD, published by Institute Sventovid;
duration: 78'56"


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Vedun Ensemble bestows meditative and magical sounds upon you, performed using ancient musical instruments, and singing in the melos of various cultures of the world (this time from Slovenia, Europe, Persia and the Arab world, from Africa, Hawaii, India, Siberia, and the Balkans). The latest recordings have been strung together in a meditative collage. In the images of sound, imbued with a great power of harmonising both the physical and spiritual world. Mirit and Tine’s gentle and harmonising voices (including throat singing) reach into living beings and people’s souls in a truly surgical manner, thus eliminating traces of stress as well as energy blocks.

Their voices are supported by the spontaneous sounds of wonderful ancient musical instruments, designed and tuned in order to help people harmonise themselves and their environment, and also to connect them with the Sky and the Earth, which in turn brings peace, joy, and health. This time, the instruments were joined by cosmic sounds of new-age crystal harps and bowls. Musicians, who are multi-instrumentalists and singers, perform music in a semi-trance, ‘capturing’ the spontaneous and unrepeatable sounds of the moment. In this way, they restore the sanctity and forgotten priestly and healing role of music. The music of the Vedun Ensemble’s sound therapists is truly special. May these sounds expand your consciousness and awareness, may they illuminate your day and brighten your spirit!

Vedun Ensemble offers to their audience unusual meditative and crystal sounds, which the trio has elicited from lesser known, even forgotten musical instruments. Moreover, it also presents the musical languages, sound patterns, and codes of our planetary ancestors and ancient shamans, or priest-musicians and healers, who, in the past – and in some places they still do even today – used selected energies of their channelled sound to heal and harmonise the world in a similar way.

On this unique CD, the musicians of the Vedun Ensemble, contemporary sound-energy therapists (shaman-healers), called veduni in the Slavic tradition, use the shamanic meditative and harmonising sounds of ancient and contemporary musical instruments and the musical practices of the world to lead listeners into timelessness: into the eternal echo of the human soul – beyond limitations.

ATTENTION: Original energies of transmission of the sound are preserved on the CD. By copying the CD they will be lost.

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